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Our Promise


It is common knowledge that leaving your car inactive could result in your battery going flat.  Leaving the car inactive for 2 weeks will not damage your car, however we recommend you start your car at least once a week and if possible take it for a short drive – remember to keep within the lockdown regulations. Note that it is important to heat the engine fluids up sufficiently, otherwise, you could drain the battery more.

Please, do not unplug your battery terminal - on modern cars, it is not necessary to unplug the battery as this will reset the car's electronics and could cause a delay in your being mobile again.

If you have any queries about our products or service, reach out and let us phone you back


At Peugeot, we carry our passion and emotion through every aspect of our business. As a Peugeot owner you are entitled to a comprehensive range of customer care services to maintain your Peugeot at its peak performance and give you peace-of-mind motoring and re-assurance on the road.

When purchasing any new Peugeot from an Authorised Peugeot Dealership, we promise to give you excellent After Sales Service and Support. We have a comprehensive list of maintenance and service plan upgrade options, all available at competitive prices.


Our promise consists of four key pillars:

  • We promise to provide an expert level of care
  • We promise to do our best to keep you on the road
  • We promise to be open and transparent
  • We promise to give you more

 So, go on, take your Peugeot home. Your Peugeot dealer offers first-class servicing, repairs, and vehicle health-checks, with:

  • Peugeot expertise from highly trained technicians who are regularly assessed.
  • The latest specialist tools and diagnostic systems, designed just for Peugeot vehicles.
  • Peugeot Original Equipment & Approved Parts.
  • The promise of an impressive service and repair history to keep up your Peugeot’s resale value.