5 Year / 100 000km Manufacturer Warranty

Our warranty is an insurance policy,  that guarantees all parts and accessories supplied by Peugeot, and fitted at the time of the purchase of a new vehicle, to be free of defects in material or workmanship under normal use for a period of 5 years  or 100 000km (whichever transpires first)  and includes free Roadside assistance.

The contractual warranty period, of a new vehicle, starts from the first date of registration.

The warranty covers the cost of repair or replacement of Peugeot original and approved parts which are found to be defective.

It is up to the discretion of Peugeot SA, in consultation with the relevant Peugeot Dealership, to decide, after a technical validation, whether it is appropriate to repair or replace any faulty part.

Warranty Claim

Where the customer believes they have a potential claim, they must return to an authorised Peugeot Dealer or call the Customer Care Centre. The authorised dealer will carry out a technical validation to confirm the claim.

If the part is replaced, the warranty on this part will be for the remaining contractual period from the original invoice date.


The Parts and labour warranty does not apply to:

  • A repair done outside of the contractual period of the parts warranty.
  • Wearing parts, the replace of which is not the consequence of a failure and/or its environment but the result of normal wear and tear.
  • Damage as a result of driver abuse or negligence.
  • Tyres which are guaranteed directly by their respective manufacturers.
  • Damage caused by natural phenomena.
  • Please refer to the owner booklet for comprehensive information.

Duration of the warranty

5 year / 100 000km* (whichever transpires first)

*Depending on model

12 Year Anti-Perforation and 3 Year Paint Warranty

Peugeot guarantees your vehicle against perforation (corrosion from the inside towards the outside of the vehicle) from the date of delivery shown on the warranty certificate for the duration of 12 years in the case of a passenger vehicle and 5 years in the case of a commercial vehicle.