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After Sales Promise


Peugeot implements a new reliability PACT

Peugeot South Africa implemented an aftersales PACT with customers. Spelt out PACT is a public promise of Professionalism, Availability, Conformity and Transparency.

The innovative aftersales deal is designed to substantially increase customer satisfaction and deliver a level of service that’s comparable to the best in the business.

Peugeot’s 12 points - PACT programme is implemented in all dealerships. From customer reception to post repair follow up the twelve points are:

You will be provided with an explanation of the warranty and advice on maintenance at your request.
You will be given an appointment for routine services, which will be made within four days of your call. For any other repairs, an appointment within an acceptable time frame will be agreed upon. All agreed time frames will be respected.
Protective covers will be fitted and removed in your presence.
Your vehicle will be inspected in your presence.

The work to be carried out will be explained to you. A written estimate will be provided for any repairs outside of the Warranty and Maintenance plans.
You will be given a reliable date and time of completion and kept informed of any adjustments that may impact or the cost of the repair or date of completion.

A job card will be signed by both the service advisor and yourself to ensure a common understanding of the repairs needed. The quality of repair work carried out will be guaranteed.

You will be given a detailed explanation of the repairs carried out on your vehicle and provided with a checklist as part of the quality control process.
Your invoice will be clear and easy to understand and will match the repairs agreed upon.

You will be given advice on the future maintenance of your vehicle and any impending work to be scheduled.

Your vehicle will be cleaned when it is handed back to you.
You will be contacted within 10 days to ascertain your level of satisfaction.

It is our view that these essential points are the cornerstone of Peugeot’s Reliability 'PACT' (Professionalism, Availability, Conformity, Transparency) made to customers.