Peugeot 208 5 door New
Peugeot 208 5 door New

PEUGEOT 208 5-doors

From R199 900 incl. VAT.


Wherever you drive, trust the Peugeot 208 to keep you and your passengers safe. Designed with the full benefit of Peugeot’s experience and expertise, it comes with the latest, most advanced safety features.



Drive with confidence, knowing that you and your passengers are protected with up to six airbags.

Driver and front passenger protection includes two front and two side airbags, while two front and rear curtain airbags protect those in the front and rear seats.


Peugeot 208 side view

The 208 comes with the latest-generation Electronic Stability Programme (ESP), which is able to detect the first signs of a sideways skid and helps reduce oversteer. It keeps the car on course by reducing engine power and braking individual wheels. Cars fitted with ESP are 25% less likely to be involved in fatal accidents.



Your little ones will be as safe as possible in the back of the 208, where there are two three-point ISOFIX fittings for child seats. Two of the three anchor points are at the back of the seat cushion and the third is in the back seat panel.



Don't worry about going too fast in your 208 – just set the speed limiter and the car will automatically keep you legal. And you can relax on long drives by activating the cruise control to help you stay at a constant speed. Both the cruise control and speed limiter are controlled from the steering wheel or the touchscreen and let you have up to five pre-set speeds



The ultra-light body structure of the 208 was designed to absorb the maximum energy from various types of impact – minimising the consequences for those inside and outside the car. The result is a tough but lightweight vehicle with greater agility, optimised fuel consumption and even more driving enjoyment for you.


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