PFS Online Voucher


Need the below but don't have the budget?



Spark Plugs


Replacement of engine oil


Air Filters


Well, Take the stress out of looking after your car, simply buy a Peugeot or TWT voucher through the innovative Online Shop brought to you by Peugeot Financial Services a product of WesBank and pay off the cost over the rest of your contract period at your convenience, at the same interest rate.

Qualifying criteria

To take advantage of the OnlineShop, you need to:

solutions de financement
  • Be up to date with your vehicle finance payments
  • Not have any arrears or returns in the past 12 months
  • Pay your car finance monthly instalment by debit order
  • Have at least 12 months left on your finance contract
  • Not be under debt review

Four easy steps to your vehicle extras

  1. Login to your Peugeot Financial Service account and go to the OnlineShop
  2. Select your product, calculate your additional monthly instalment and add your accessory to your vehicle finance agreement
  3. Peugeot Financial Services will do a credit check and confirm your income
  4. Once approved you will receive a sms with your 10 digit voucher number you need to present as payment at the dealer