One of the best things about owning a new car is the warranty.

However, every new car ages! Each year thousands of motorists with cars three years and older, and now out of warranty, explore more affordable servicing options, often dismissing their local dealerships assuming they will pay a lot less by getting the work done at the local “fast-fit” or trusted independent garage. A major benefit of servicing at a Peugeot dealership is the expertise and approved diagnostic tools that the dealership can provide.

By introducing the Peugeot Economy Service Program, Peugeot Citroën South Africa now has a solution for ‘Out of Warranty’ customers seeking manufacturer approved reliable service parts at more cost-effective prices.

The Peugeot Economy Service program will be launched on September 1st.  This will allow customers to pamper their “older” vehicles with approved replacement service parts, which are supplied by PSA France and carry the same guarantee as the “genuine” parts at significantly reduced prices.

“On average the Peugeot Economy service parts are 30% better priced when compared to “genuine” parts” says Francisco Gaie, MD of Peugeot Citroën South Africa. However, although these service parts are more affordable, our customers can be assured there is no compromise on quality, safety, performance, or durability”, he added.

“It is one of our priorities to fulfill the needs and expectations of our aftersales customers, regardless of the age of their vehicles” Francisco continued. “The objective of the Peugeot Economy Service Program is to ensure continued affordable motoring for all of our out of warranty customers”.

The Peugeot Economy Service program is targeted at all Peugeot vehicles out of warranty with special focus and service packages on the Peugeot 107, 206, 207, 208 and 307 models.

Service packages for the 1007, 2008, 308, 407, RCZ, Partner, Boxer and Expert models are currently under development.

“Our focus on improving both parts pricing and availability is bearing fruit.” says Francisco. This is evident in the results published by the Kinsey report where, since 2012 a Peugeot model has achieved top honors in the survey almost every year, beating some major rivals by having the most affordable parts basket in its category.”

The Kinsey report has over the years become an accurate barometer for measuring parts pricing and has helped Peugeot steadily improve its overall ownership value proposition.

 “Long term ownership happiness and satisfaction can only be achieved by taking this approach and we are committed to improving the overall ownership experience and to supporting our existing car-parc of over 70 000 vehicles.” Francisco said.

“Quality is what changes perceptions and we are on track to improve ‘quality’ in terms of aftersales.” he added.

“With our dealer network growing, parts pricing for both our new and existing customers is constantly being addressed. The Peugeot Economy Service is a testimony of our commitment.”

Customers can enquire about the Peugeot Economy Service packages at their local Dealership or book a service online at

It is important to note that Peugeot Economy service parts do not apply to vehicles under the manufacturer’s Warranty or PCSA Maintenance/ Service Plans.