Peugeot Service Plan


Our Service Plan is designed to provide our customers with peace of mind knowing that all routine services stipulated in the Peugeot Service Booklet will be attended to by an approved Peugeot Dealer, utilizing approved parts fitted by highly qualified Service Technicians.   The servicing of vehicles comprises of a certain number of systematic operations applicable to all Peugeot vehicles, at every service, by the authorised repairer.


Principle systematic operation for all vehicles includes:

  • Checks in the vehicle, (hooter, parking brake)
  • Checks underneath the vehicle including Safety checks (brakes and steering) 
  • Environmental checks (leaks from the circuits, gearbox etc.) 
  • Checks of tyres, headlamps and lights 
  • Diagnostics of ECU (where applicable) 
  • Change the engine oil
  • Replace the oil filter and bleed the diesel fuel filter**
  • Replace spark plugs**
  • Replace coolant and brake fluid*
  • Check the drive shafts 
  • Drain the differentials*
  • Check valve clearance*
  • Update the service indicator
  • Use-by date for the temporary puncture repair kit (depending on the equipment)*

*Depending on model. **When applicable.