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Parts Pricing & Availability

Parts Pricing & Availability

Parts Availability:  Parts distribution from Peugeot’s dedicated local warehouse has improved dramatically with speedy parts supply and minimum delays in delivery to our Dealer Network.

Parts Pricing:  As a result of hard work behind the scenes, with both our local suppliers and Peugeot France, we have been able to introduce an aggressive programme to promote the competitive cost of Peugeot parts and after-sales service to counter the negative perception in South Africa that French cars are expensive to run. 

Parts pricing and availability influence long-term ownership and we have made it our priority to invest in our customers – both past and present - with cost effective and prompt delivery of parts.


Did you know ?  The Kinsey report is an  independent survey done on the pricing of selected parts baskets of the most popular models on the market (comprising of between 51 and 69 vehicles across the board)  The report is published once a year.

Over a five year period, Peugeot’s parts basket has consistently been one of the lowest, with Peugeot being placed in the top three positions in its category every year.