Working closely with the teams at PEUGEOT SPORT, PEUGEOT presents a full range of models and high-intensity concepts – top performance and fine design blending together in perfect harmony to provide a sensory delight for anyone who loves anything sporty.


GT stands for Grand Touring (from the Italian Gran Turismo), and is the term used to denote the dynamic and exclusive end of the PEUGEOT range.

The three main characteristics of the GT name are: a powerful, high performance engine (205 hp for petrol engines, 180 for the diesel models), specially improved road-holding thanks to a lowered suspension, and the Driver Sport Pack. In short, a guarantee of enhanced driving pleasure.



GTi is derived from GT and stands for Grand Touring Injection. It is used to designate vehicles that combine sporty design with high performance. For PEUGEOT, the term is closely bound up with the brand's history, and in particular with the legendary 205 GTi.



Activated via the "Sport" button on the centre console, the Driver Sport Pack is sure to be popular with lovers of sporty, dynamic driving.

It modifies certain vehicle parameters in a manner designed to deliver thrilling driving sensations.

The power steering and the accelerator pedal become more responsive, and the engine note is digitally amplified and sportier. Meanwhile the instrument panel display turns from white to red, and now includes parameters that relate to the dynamic operation of the vehicle (available power, turbo pressure, available torque and longitudinal and latitudinal acceleration) – and the EAT6 gearbox delivers improved responses.