What is Mirror Screen®?


Linking your smartphone to your car


Peugeot Mirror Screen® allows your compatible smartphone to communicate with any of the 2082008 SUV range,  new 308 range (2017), 3008 SUV range, allowing you to display compatible apps on the 7" touchscreen and manage them using the vehicle controls.

Safe and convenient, Peugeot Mirror Screen® uses the latest MirrorLink® (for Android phones on 208) and Apple CarPlay® (for iPhones on 208, 2008 SUV, new 308, 3008 SUV) technology to bring smartphone connectivity to your car whilst keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel.

Compatibility is based on the phone providers' original operating system and therefore may change if the phone provider offers an update which renders the phone incompatible with MirrorLink®.

Normal USB and Bluetooth® functionality is still supported for most other smartphones, accessed from the 7" touchscreen.

Peugeot Mirror Screen® on the 208, new 2008 SUV, 3008 SUV and  is currently compatible with: 

  • iPhone 5, 5c and 5s
  • iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s and 6s Plus
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 4
  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
  • HTC One (M8)
  • HTC Eye
  • HTC 820
  • What is MirrorLink®?
  • What is CarPlay®?
  • What apps are compatible with MirrorLink®?
  • What functions do I get with CarPlay®?
  • Does the Peugeot Mirror Screen® store user's data?
  • Connect a smartphone with Bluetooth?

What is MirrorLink®?

“Mirror link”, properly known as MirrorLink® technology, was developed by the Car Connectivity Consortium, which brings together the leading manufacturers of automobiles, smartphones and consumer electronics as well as application developers. MirrorLink® is a standard link that connects smartphones to embedded infotainment vehicle systems. This allows the user to use some basic applications for smartphones in their vehicle.

What is CarPlay®?

CarPlay® offers significantly improved functionality and ensures that Mirror Screen® on the 208, 2008 SUV, all-new 3008 SUV is compatible with current iPhones. CarPlay® complements the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit® perfectly, as it features Siri voice control which allows phone calls, text messages, music and maps to be used without the need to take eyes off the road.

What apps are compatible with MirrorLink®?

The new apps compatible with MirrorLink® are:

Sygic GPS: A chargeable navigation app which guides you to your destination with a map installed on your smartphone. An internet connection is not required and free map updates are provided each year.

MiRoamer: Worldwide web radio. A free app which allows the user to choose stations by genre, country or language.

HTC Car Mode: Gives access to phone and music functions via Mirror Screen®.

What functions do I get with Carplay®?

Connect a compatible iPhone into the USB port using the cable supplied with the iPhone and select CarPlay® on the touchscreen.

This will place useful functions from your iPhone onto the touchscreen: make calls, send and receive text messages, listen to music, get directions etc.

CarPlay® features Siri voice control which can be accessed from the touchscreen, by pressing the button at the end of the lighting stalk or by saying “Hey Siri” (you may need to configure this in your phone settings).

Calls: Make calls, returned missed calls or listen to voicemail. Tip: use voice control and Siri will help access your contacts plus offer options to call home/mobile/work.

Siri: Siri can send, read and reply to text messages for you, so you don’t need to look at your iPhone while driving. CarPlay® now plays audio messages too, so you can hear from people in their own voices.

Maps: Receive turn‑by‑turn directions, information on traffic conditions and estimated travel time. CarPlay® can also predict where you most likely want to go using addresses from your email, text messages, contacts and calendars.

Music: Access songs and playlists that are saved on your phone. The music app is also compatible with voice control so tell Siri what you’d like to hear.  CarPlay® supports other apps on your iPhone so listen to podcasts and audio books or use spotify without taking your eyes off the road.

Does the Peugeot Mirror Screen® store user's data?

No, the 7" touchscreen doesn't store any user data, it just receives and displays the features and content that is fed by the compatible smartphone.

Is it possible to connect a smartphone

with Bluetooth and with Mirror Screen®?

Yes, our MirrorLink® enabled cars allow you to connect your smartphone with Bluetooth® and Mirror Screen®, to enjoy full use of the 208, 2008 SUV, 3008 SUV's technology. Alternatively, the 7" touchscreen can be connected to two smartphones at the same time, one with Bluetooth® and one with Mirror Screen®.

  • What are the other features of the touchscreen?
  • Are any new smartphones compatible?
  • How are language settings handled?
  • How does the Mirror Screen® connection work?

What are the other features of the 7'' touchscreen?

In addition to Peugeot Mirror Screen®, the 7" touchscreen in the 208, 2008 SUV, 3008 SUV acts as the interface for the audio system, the trip computer and for vehicle settings. It also doubles as the reversing camera screen for added safety during manoeuvres (for model versions with a reversing camera). Touchscreen connectivity is also available via USB and Bluetooth®.

Are any new smartphones compatible?

We are working hard to make Mirror Screen® compatible with more new smartphones throughout 2017. As soon as we have any further updates, we will update this page.

How are language settings handled with Mirror Screen®?

Compatible apps will be displayed in the correct smartphone language, regardless of the language settings of the 7" touchscreen.

How does the Mirror Screen® connection work?

For smartphones compatible with MirrorLink®, use the USB-micro USB cable provided with your smartphone. Alternatively, you can purchase a USB-micro USB cable from our accessories range through your local Peugeot dealer.

For iPhones compatible with CarPlay®, you can connect your iPhone into the USB port using the cable supplied with the iPhone and select CarPlay® on the touchscreen.