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Extend your Peugeot driving experience to your smartphone by downloading our new MYPEUGEOT app,
which delivers all the information you need about your Peugeot vehicle directly to the palm of your hand.



Access everything you need to know about your Peugeot on your smartphone, thanks to our free MYPEUGEOT app. All your connected services are synced to your account, making your life easier on the road.

To enjoy the full benefits, simply download the MYPEUGEOT app on to your iOS or Android smartphone. On first use, all you need is a VIN number and a valid email address to get you started. Once in your car, you can simply connect your smartphone via Bluetooth® for the app to receive information directly from the car.

At the end of any trip, your car sends data to the MYPEUGEOT app - including fuel consumption, potential technical alerts, maintenance or servicing alerts or navigation destination. It can also save the location of your car,remembering where you parked it so you can find it easily again when you're ready to return home.

Features of the app vary depending on the connectivity of your vehicle.



From the homepage of your MYPEUGEOT app you will find essential data about your car such as fuel level, average consumption and mileage. In case of any technical issues with your car, an alert will be displayed on the homepage.

You can also easily search and contact a local Peugeot Dealer or workshop and also reach our Customer Care team. You can call them, make an appointment or ask for a quote at your preferred dealership. You can also find the location, opening times and services available at our Peugeot Dealers.



In the maintenance section, you can see any service, MOT or maintenance appointments that have already taken place, as well as informing you of any future maintenance required and any repairs needed following an alert from you car.

You can contact a Peugeot Dealer to carry out your maintenance or repair and even book an appointment online. Once once it has been done, you can enter it in to the app and keep an electronic service history for your vehicle.



Stay connected to your car whenever you want, wherever you want.

You'll find all the details about your journeys in one click. You'll have access to your dashboard and can use time filters to display your journeys. You will find information on the duration of your journey, the distance you travelled, your average speed, your fuel consumption and the cost of your different journeys.

You can also create categories to choose your type of journey, for example to distinguish whether you were on a business or a leisure trip, in order to optimise your driving.


your Car

In the car section, you can see the VIN number and the mileage of your car. You can type in or modify the price of fuel in your area. You also have access to all your connected services as long as you have a connected car.

If you received an alert on your car and you’re not sure what it corresponds to, this is where you can also find all the information you need about warning lights. You can discover when the issue has been detected, some details about it and how to solve it. Simply click on the related symbol you're shown to find an explanation and what to do about it.



The MYPEUGEOT app also gives you the latest Peugeot news, aftersales offers, events and competitions, making sure you're up-to-date on all things Peugeot and offering you the chance to win exclusive prizes for MYPEUGEOT members.