Full Maintenance Plan


Our Optional Full Maintenance Plan guarantees Peugeot drivers even more peace of mind knowing that their Peugeot is covered by one of the most extensive plans available on the market today.

The Full Maintenance plan, offered as an option by Peugeot, will assist you in saving on any future services or maintenance your car will have over a stipulated period of time. You needn’t worry about unexpected costs during this period.


Peugeot’s Full Maintenance plan covers the following:

  • Repair work to all major components, beyond the Standard New Vehicle Warranty.
  • All maintenance and service work stipulated in the Peugeot Customer Maintenance, Warranty and Service booklet.
  • All repairs and costs of parts from normal wear and tear which may occur when the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.
  • All oils and fluids replaced during a service.
  • Access to 24-hour roadside assistance through Peugeot Assistance.*


  • ​The choice of servicing your vehicle at any of the Peugeot Dealerships throughout South Africa.
  • Ease of budgeting for your future motoring costs.
  • Enhancing the retail value of your vehicle with the ability to transfer the balance of your Maintenance Plan contract to a new owner if you sell or trade in your Peugeot.
  • You pay current prices for future services, avoiding price increases and inflation.

Optional Maintenance Plans available:

  • 5 Years / 60 000 kms
  • 5 Years / 100 000 kms
  • 5 Years / 120 000 kms
  • 5 Years / 150 000 kms
  • 5 Years / 200 000 kms


* 3-Years / 100 000 km only.